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EWB Oregon State University

"To support community-driven development programs worldwide through partnerships that design and implement sustainable engineering projects, while creating transformative experiences that enrich global perspectives and create responsible leaders."


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EWB-OSU is a humanitarian club made up of students in all types of majors who work closely with advisors at OSU and our EWB-USA mentors.

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Our club partners with communities all over the world and works with them to get access to sustainable potable water.

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We have come together as a club to empower others as they work towards obtaining their sustainable goals because we believe everyone should have the right to drinkable water.

Executive Members

Executive Members:

Vice President 
Lydia Thomas
Brianne Sass
Logan Verplancke

Board Description

The EWB-OSU board is composed of 16 different positions. The board is responsible for making collective decisions to help promote the club, ensure its longevity, and help its programs succeed. This includes planning workshops, outreach, and events such as the EWB-USA National Conference, Annual Banquet, and spring retreat. This also encompasses holding discussions about the direction of the programs, finances, and whatever else arises in the club.

The board members are elected each spring (with the exception of program coordinators who are appointed). Together with the club’s programs, they strive to make EWB-OSU the best that it can be for years to come!


Faculty Advisors

Dr. Nordica MacCarty:

An Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University where she is an active contributor to the growing humanitarian engineering program. Her research is focused on the design and evaluation of clean water and energy projects with particular attention to user issues including usability and sensor-based monitoring.

Dr. Navab:

An environmental engineer interested in the inactivation, growth and persistence of bacterial pathogens in the environment and treatment processes. She investigates these problems with microbiology, molecular biology, process engineering and statistics. Dr. Navab grew up in Tehran, where she studied and practiced environmental engineering in hydro-energy construction. She then moved to Montreal to study bacterial inactivation and regrowth in biosolids land-application after electro-dewatering. Afterwards, she went to Zurich for postdoctoral research to examine E. coli ecology in environmental reservoirs in Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.

Faculty Advisors



For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please feel free to  email the President/Vice President directly, thank you!

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