Board Members


Teppei Mori-Gilles



3rd year majoring in Bio-engineering. I joined EWB fall term of my freshman year and I've been involved ever since. I strive to make as much of a positive impact on the world with the tools I was given.

Fun Fact: I love coffee and have been to 3 different coffee farms in Antioquia, Colombia.

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Amy Grimm

Vice President


3rd year Mechanical Engineering major. I joined EWB because I wanted to apply engineering and everything I am learning to a humanitarian cause. 

Fun Fact: I have over a hundred pairs of fun socks.

Sophia Jones



Junior Majoring in Chemistry-Material Science with a  Minor in Physics.

I joined EWB because I wanted to get involved in a club and meet others in Engineering and was drawn to EWB because of its project oriented nature.

Fun Fact: I used to be a ballet dancer.

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David Brown



2nd year in Mechanical and Humanitarian Engineering. I joined EWB because I’m a people person that excels in math and science and I found that EWB would be the best combination of both for me.

Fun Fact: I have lived in Maryland, Kentucky, and Oregon. I am also a member of the Oregon State Men’s Lacrosse team.


Andrew Harker



2nd year in Mechanical Engineering. I joined the club because I wanted to be able to help people and also gain some engineering experience.

Fun fact: I hold my pencil really weird and I love making baskets.

Emma Chase

Nicaragua Coordinator


4th year in Bio-engineering. I joined EWB because I wanted to work with different engineering disciplines and make a positive impact for communities in underdeveloped areas.
Fun Fact: I have hiked through the mountains of northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago.


Marley Bennett

Cambodia Coordinator


4th year majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a triple Minor in Humanitarian Engineering, Math, and Computer Science. 

I joined EWB because I loved the idea of combining engineering work with helping people. 

Fun Fact: I am OBSESSED with my yellow kitchen aid stand mixer.

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Cathy Nguyen



4th year in Civil Engineering. The reason I joined EWB is that it is the ideal club for projects involving humanitarian engineering and being able to help others as engineers. I believe that an engineer's role is to solve society's ongoing issues and that is something that EWB allows me to do as a student.

Fun Fact: I hope to travel around the world when I'm older. I would like to visit Europe and explore its rich architecture.


Remy Noble

Banquet Coordinator


3rd year in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Humanitarian Engineering. I joined EWB because I am really interested in the intersection of environmental and social needs. I wanted to be able to apply what I have learned from classes and peers towards making a positive impact in our world.

Fun Fact: I'm actually 5 years old because I was born on leap day!


Ali Martz

Banquet Coordinator


Junior in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Humanitarian Engineering. I joined because I wanted to get involved with an engineering club and because the work that EWB does has a positive impact on the lives of other people.

Fun Fact: I fabricated a prosthetic leg as a project for an internship in high school and the company let me keep it.

Kayla Carlson



Freshman in Chemical Engineering. I wanted to get involved in a club that applied the engineering skills I am learning in classes to real world humanitarian projects.

Fun Fact: I have been to 14 National Parks.


Morgan Bonds



3rd year in Chemical Engineering. I joined EWB for the opportunity to do humanitarian work, while simultaneously gaining technical experience.

Fun Fact: I used to work at a humane society every summer. 


Alina Stratton

Donor Outreach


Junior Majoring in Mechanical Engineering and double minoring in Spanish and Humanitarian Engineering.

I first heard about EWB-USA during high school and it was part of the reason I wanted to study engineering. As soon as I heard about the club at OSU I knew I had to join.

Fun Fact: I'm in Divine, an all female a Capella group on campus.


Jacob Edgerton

IT Coordinator


Junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aerospace Engineering and Business+ Entrepreneurship.

I came to the club because it seemed like a great way to make a positive impact with the engineering skills I am learning in my classes, along with the welcoming and kind people.

Fun Fact: I spent the summer of 2019 backpacking through Europe!


Andrew Browne



3rd year Majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

I was looking at clubs to get involved with and it sounded interesting so I decided to go to a meeting. the real event that got me to stay was The Annual Banquet.

Fun Fact: I do photography on the side and plan on pursing a minor in photography at OSU.


Shawn Araki



2nd year in Mechanical Engineering. I joined EWB during the fall tern of my freshman year and currently organize the EWB workshops with Cathy!

Fun Fact: I love the beach and surf when I have the chance.

© EWB-OSU Founded in 2005

President: Teppei Mori-Gilles

Vice President: Amy Grimm

IT Coordinator/Site Problems: Jacob Edgerton

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