Board Members


Andrew Harker



2nd year in Mechanical Engineering. I joined the club because I wanted to be able to help people and also gain some engineering experience.

Fun fact: I hold my pencil really weird and I love making baskets.


Caidan Speth-McCrary

Vice President


Major: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering major. 

Fun Fact: I can ride my bike sitting on the handlebars!

Teppei Mori-Gilles



3rd year majoring in Bio-engineering. I joined EWB fall term of my freshman year and I've been involved ever since. I strive to make as much of a positive impact on the world with the tools I was given.

Fun Fact: I love coffee and have been to 3 different coffee farms in Antioquia, Colombia.


Abby Thomas

Banquet Coordinator


Major: Environmental Engineering
Fun Fact: I was born in New York City.


Ali Martz

Banquet Coordinator


Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Humanitarian Engineering
Fun Fact: I fabricated a prosthetic leg for an internship project in high school and the company let me keep it.

Hanna Do



Major: Bioengineering
Minor: Business
Fun Fact: I like to rock climb, so let me know if you ever need a climbing buddy!


Kaitlin Brunik



Major: Energy Systems Engineering
Fun Fact: I am actually a post-baccalaureate student and while I was completing my prior degree at the University of Oregon I played on the Women's club ultimate team(Oregon Fugue).


Kyler Casper



Major: Chemical Engineering
Fun Fact: I can play the guitar.

Shawn Araki

Nicaragua Coordinator


2nd year in Mechanical Engineering. I joined EWB during the fall tern of my freshman year and currently organize the EWB workshops with Cathy!

Fun Fact: I love the beach and surf when I have the chance.


Remy Noble

Cambodia Coordinator


3rd year in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Humanitarian Engineering. I joined EWB because I am really interested in the intersection of environmental and social needs. I wanted to be able to apply what I have learned from classes and peers towards making a positive impact in our world.

Fun Fact: I'm actually 5 years old because I was born on leap day!

head shot.jpg

Lydia Thomas



Major: Mechanical Engineering

Fun Fact: I love animals and I have two cats that look the exact same but are not related.


Ishita Joshi



Major: Chemical Engineering

Fun Fact: I just recently got a puppy and he used to have trouble sleeping so I would play my ukelele and sing a soft song to make him fall asleep.


Alexandra Pidwerbecki

Donor Outreach


Major: Chemical Engineering

Fun Fact: I have been a vegan for 4.5 year.

Tanya Bihari

IT Coordinator


Major: Computer Science

Fun Fact: I love boba and I think I have double-jointed elbows! 

Sofia Headshot.png

Sofia Montalbano



Major: Mechanical Engineering
Fun Fact: I enjoy mountain biking.

EWB Board Profile Headshot.jpg

Neha Suryadevara



Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fun Fact: My latest bucket list destination is New Zealand.

Nabila Syahriza

Banquet Coordinator

Major: Chemical Engineering
Fun Fact: I technically own a rice field in Indonesia.