Cambodia Program

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Tuesdays 6pm-8pm via Zoom

Program Coordinator: 

Calder Wilson


After three years of prep work, EWB-OSU’s Cambodia program is preparing to travel to O’rana, Cambodia for our very first implementation trip in December 2019!  


We plan to implement a water filtration and distribution system for this community.  The people of O’rana currently do not have readily available access to potable water, and currently spend 20% of their income on importing environmentally harmful and unsustainable bottles of water.  Once in place, our water system will be handed off to the community and not only provide clean drinking water for all 1000 people, but also provide a business and source of income from within the village.  


EWB-OSU Cambodia was established in early 2016.  Since then, we have sent travel teams to O’rana in both 2016 and 2017 to gather information, establish communication with the locals and inform the design of our system.  We discovered that the water in O’rana’s local aquifer presents the unique design challenge of being inundated with coliform bacteria, iron and manganese contaminants.  To address these challenges, we are designing a water aeration system and sedimentation tank to remove the iron and manganese, as well as household biosand filters to remove the coliforms.  It is this system that we plan on implementing on our first implementation trip.  In 2020 we plan on constructing a water distribution system that we hope will eventually provide coverage for the entire village.


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