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FAQ's For members

How do I join?

The easiest way to get involved is just show up to one of our zoom meetings! See the times listed below for more information! You can also join our list serve so you don't miss out on any information, follow the link below for weekly newsletters

Nicaragua Program Meeting Times

The Nicaragua Team meets Tuesday nights from 6-8pm via Zoom or in DEAR 115. You can email the program coordinator to join at

Cambodia Program Meeting Times

The Cambodia Team meets Tuesday nights from 6-8 via Zoom or in OWEN 241. You can email the program coordinator to join at

Member Dues

Member Dues are $20 which covers the expensive of a club t-shirt and the spring retreat and are needed by the 6th week of Fall term for returning members. For new members the dues are needed by your fourth meeting attended unless you join spring term then you won't pay dues until the following fall term. This can be done through venmo (click button to the right) or cash/check is accepted at the meetings.

If you are unable to pay the member dues, please talk to your program coordinator or the president to work something out.

How to become a Travel Member

If you wish to travel with one of our project teams all you have to do to be eligible is GET INVOLVED. 6 months before the trip the team is made by opening up applications that anyone can fill out. A team is then assembled made up of the Program Coordinator, the club President and the previous members that held these roles if they are still involved. This group goes through all the applications and the people who made an effort to come to every meeting they could and showed dedication to the project stand out the most. 

More Questions?

Feel free to email us any questions you have we will update the page! Follow the link to the right.

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