Nicaragua Program

Meeting Information:

Tuesdays 6pm-8pm via Zoom

Program Coordinator:

Gabriel Kemling


In 2014 we officially partnered with our community in Los Potrerillios, Nicaragua. Los Potrerillios is a community of 1800 people with an economy centered around subsistence farming. They expressed their need for an adequate supply of potable water and we began assessment for a water storage and distribution system in 2015. We conducted our first implementation trip in the summer of 2016 and our second in the summer of 2017. During the first implementation trip we located and tapped into an aquafer via a drilled well. During the second trip we designed and built a gravity fed distribution system. 


Due to civil unrest our third implementation of water storage tanks has been delayed and will now be remotely implemented during the summer of 2019. Shortly there after we will begin our fourth and final implementation of replacement piping for the existing distribution system. Following this we will transition to the monitoring and evaluation phase. This typically occurs during the final year before project closeout. After closing out this project we will begin the search for a new community to partner with!


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