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Nicaragua Program

Meeting Information:

Tuesdays 6pm-8pm via Zoom or in DEAR 115

Program Coordinator:

Sofia Montalbano


The Nicaragua Program here at Oregon State University has been in a partnership with the small community of Los Potrerillos for about 5 years and began back in 2015 with an initial assessment trip of the community. Los Potrerillos consists of about 1,800 members that are split into three sections, El Alto, El Brasil, and El Bajo. Our program is water-based meaning that our overall goal is to design and create a safe, sustainable, and constant source water for
community access.

Previous work with this project includes traveling to Nicaragua to drill a new well for water access and creating an efficient distribution system to different sections of the community. In 2019, there was a travel ban on the country due to civil unrest; in order to ensure the needs of the community, the Nicaragua Program remotely implemented two new 22,000L water storage tanks and a covered platform structure to protect them from the elements. Currently, the program is working towards designing a new river crossing to support two suspended pipes, assessing survey data to determine preexisting pipelines that need to be fixed and provide
electrical components to ensure proper flow and regulation.

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