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Arrival in O'rana

Yesterday, the team arrived in the community of O'rana after a long day of bumpy travel down the back roads of Cambodia. Everyone is safe and sound, and ready to get to work in the community! Over the past day, the team stayed a night with a local household from the water directory in the community, and proceeded to work the following days on surveys. This included household surveys, as well as land surveying for future piping systems. We asked about existing water infrastructure, such as a couple of water towers located around the area. The team got through these quickly, and also managed to dig a 3 foot hole to use for soil and water sampling.

Over this next day, the team will be moving from their host family's housing in O'rana to the CRDT (NGO organization) headquarters, about 15 minutes away. This is to comply with the local authorities request to not have guests staying in a house that is not an officially licensed guesthouse.

Stay tuned for the next post, where the team will continue to work on testing and biosand filters over the next week!

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