Engaging with the Local Community!

Our team continues their work in the community of O'rana! Good news on accommodation, as we can continue to stay with our host family in the town itself after communicating with the local provincial governance, so we no longer have to stay outside of the community.

Water testing activities are on the agenda for the next day or two, with several types of tests planned over the today/tomorrow.

The team was also invited to attend a Christmas service at the local Catholic Church, where they saw performances put on by the children of the area, as well as getting to speak in broken English with the local community! All in all, a great way to engage with local customs and build connections as well as just bio sand filters :)

A note on photos: we currently don't have internet access in O'rana, but once the travel team gets back into the city, we will make a larger photo upload onto this blog, to show off what everyone has been doing!


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